Swiss Military is a medium to connect our customer to the world of Premium Lifestyle Products bearing the highest quality standards at surprisingly affordable prices. We call it “Affordable Luxury”. At Swiss Military we begin our research by recognizing basic unfulfilled needs of our customers and begin designing products that addresses this need for which there is no other product available in the market. Thorough research is then conducted to arrive at the best possible design / material / technology to construct the product to cater to this unfulfilled need or the ‘demand vacuum’ as we call it. It is this very inspiration that has resulted in us creating a plethora of innovative products such as the 3-in-1 Universal Charger, the Multi-Utility Laptop Overnighter bag, the Universal Travel Wallet cum Passport Holder, the Windbreaker Pullover cum Jacket or even the World Alarm Travel Clock cum Organizer Torch. We believe in the philosophy of ensuring happiness amongst our customers by designing world-class products that both set trends and follow functional designs with multi-utility features. Affordability is key for which extensive research is conducted into the material used, design adapted and functionality at hand. The combination of a great product ensures a fulfilled and happy customer base which is the reason why Swiss Military is presently one of the fastest growing brands globally. Values such as reliability, quality, innovation and sustainability stand for the true spirit of Switzerland which is adhered to with every product coming off our global product lines. Vendors are trained and audited to understand the importance of a reliable product for which strict adherence is governed by our global team according to Swiss quality mandates. The track record goes on…We look forward to our future in serving you.


Decades ago, the story of Swiss Military started with an ambition – “With a clear vision, an explicit positioning and affordable premium products, we will become one of the fastest growing brands from Europe across various product segments”. Ever since, the brand has strived hard to upkeep the ambition alive with a wide range of innovative & expanding product categories so that the company emerged to become a global trendsetter in the premium Men’s lifestyle segment today.

Mr. Jacques Boegli of Moutier, Switzerland started making Swiss Made watches under the brand ‘Swiss Military’ in the year 1984. The brand grew with Mr. Jean-Luc Bögli, son of Mr. Jacques Bögli an enthusiast of diverse outdoor activities himself, after he launched his first clothing line in a range that was set to grow exponentially.

Gradually both the scale and scope of operations grew rapidly on a global scale owing to the unique brand positioning that Swiss Military attained over the years. Today, Swiss Military is a brand that is widely patronized by those who value affordable luxury, versatility & uniqueness of design and a one stop shop for a Men’s Lifestyle brand.

Over the past 30 years of the brands existence, it made a strong presence in 26 countries globally, with brand registrations in 40 countries and over 600 retail stores in Europe alone across various product segments namely Travel Gear, Writing Instruments, Watches, Garments, Accessories, Kitchenware, Eye Wear, Leather Goods, Outdoor/Hiking, Footwear, Cosmetics & Electronics with over 1200 present SKU’s in the global portfolio.